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At Broadway German Service Center, we are dedicated to providing professional customer service and automotive repair for your BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our goal is to provide our customer with honest, quality service, in a timely manner. We believe our customers’ needs and satisfaction come first.

Broadway German Service Center is committed to maintaining a highly ethical and sound business practice in order to meet and exceed our customer’s automotive needs.

Why choose Broadway German Service Center

  • BMW, Mercedes Benz & Mini Repair
  • Honors Most Warranties
  • Brakes, Mufflers, Transmissions, Engines
  • ASE Certified, Trained Technicians
  • In Same Location for Over 37 Years
  • Quality Services - Affordable Rates

Check Out Our Reviews:

  • Frank Macias

    Car died, AAA said I needed an alternator (roughly $500.00), I called these guys to find out what the cost would be, they said, bring it in first to do a test on the battery and alternator before I spent any money. I drove my car over this morning for a diagnostic, I have to tell you, the look on the guys face when I drove my 2004 Jetta in the shop, it was HILARIOUS, my Jetta was definitely out of place amongst the $60-$100K Mercedes. Even thought they didn't service VW's, they totally took care of me....I found out that all I needed was a new battery, NOT an alternator like AAA said. Lesson of the day; take your car to professionals, like Broadway German Service Center! Thanks guys, totally appreciated!

  • A Google User

    Go here! They know how to treat a person in need. Thanks guys for the great service, I will absolutely come back

  • Charles D.

    Before I start you should know I am the kind of guy that won't hand over my keys to a valet. I let my engine fully warm up before heading out, park in the furthest end spot in the parking lot and lose sleep if my car is not spending the night in the garage.

    Now that that's out of the way: 4 months after my E92 ///M3 warranty expired my battery decided to just go out one day. I jumped the car and headed to the BMW dealership where I was quoted $780 to replace and register the new battery. I swiftly canceled that and headed to Broadway German Service Center. I remember driving by on Broadway and decided to go check it out. I was welcomed and greeted warmly despite noticing they would be closing in 30 minutes. I told them I needed a new battery and they double checked and inspected the vehicle to ensure that was in fact what was wrong. I was quoted $300 for the battery and registration which included a 36 month free replacement warranty. Needless to say I happily authorized the work.

    After the replacement and registration of the battery the technician realized there was a fault code on the dash. The Scan Tool read back with "Passenger seat belt resistance out of range". I was asked to bring it back the next morning so that they'd have more time to work on it. I explained this was my only vehicle and that I needed to get to and from work. This is where Broadway German really stepped up: The shop owner promised to give me a loaner to help me during their resolution of what should have been an in and out job. The next morning I came in and the owner handed me the keys to his personal E46 ///M3. He said come back when you finish up with work and we should have your car all squared away. This kind of support can ONLY be had from a mom and pop shop. He went out of his way not just because I was a fellow ///M owner and auto enthusiast, but because he genuinely sympathizes and cares about his customers. Needless to say, that afternoon at 4pm my car was ready at no extra cost to me.

    Broadway German has made a lifelong customer out of me. Thank you for going above and beyond in order to keep me happy and on the road.

  • Anthony S.

    I brought my Mini Cooper in here a few times for oil changes, rear shocks, front suspension, and brakes. Very professional and they always did a good job. Labor on German cars isn't cheap but I've found their costs to be very reasonable. If you're in the Long Beach/San Pedro area, I highly recommend this shop.

  • USC Sue T.

    My dreams came true! I was so lucky to find this wonderful MB repair shop. Honesty and integrity combined with professional service and expertise! Troubleshooting combined with recommendations, keeping me informed at every stage. They kept my car for two days and it feels brand new again. If I had taken it to the dealership, I would have had to trade in the car. I'm a lucky schoolteacher with a limited budget, but thanks to my new friends at this wonderful shop, I can keep my Mercedes. Thank you Gus and Co. I truly appreciate your honesty and guidance. You have earned my respect and I will be a returning, loyal customer in the years to come.

  • Olivia S.

    I have been taking my BMW and have always been 100% satisfied. They are always very helpful and are less expensive than my previous mechanic. They also provide me with a ride back to work. Very trusting and great service. Nice clean shop and very efficient. Thank you guys for taking care of me and my car!

  • Jonathan C.

    Moved to Long Beach 16 months ago and stumble upon this German auto shop on Yelp. I was impressed with many 5-star reviews. So I decided to check it out myself. I was impressed. Dominik was courteous, honest, and with a no non-sense business approach. They fixed my rattling glove box, which was a design flaw of BMW. After that, I brought my car, b'cuz the coolant reservoir was empty. They checked it for me and ran a diagnostic test without charge. I could not believe it. Unfortunately, this week, my radiator hose busted and to make a long story short, my car needed an entire brand new radiator, plus the parts attached to it. Not one hesitation on my part to give the business to them. I got my car back 2 days ago and everything is fine. I highly recommend this German auto shop. It's nice to have a reliable car shop you can trust to do a good job.

  • Stephen B.

    I have been taking my cars to this shop since 1993. A Mercedes 300E and a BMW 740IL. I can't say enough wonderful things about this business. They have always looked for less expensive repair options, they are incredibly accommodating, and truly care about their customers. Sad to say after all of these years of owning German cars, I just purchased a Lexus and will have to find another car DR. Thank you Broadway German Service for over two decades of amazing customer service!

  • Jason D.

    This place does good quality work. I've had multiple German cars and always trust these guys. The owner and his head mechanic are top notch always explaining to me what's wrong and how they will fix it. It's nice to have a shop you can trust!

  • Jason D.

    I found them on yelp, and they're just down the street from home. This is a place where you get the following: a) A clean, well maintained shop. b) Good management. c) Awesome and HONEST mechanics. d) Upfront diagnostic quote. It goes towards your repairs. e) No surprises, quick and upfront. I love this place. I no longer have a knot in my stomach when I think about car repairs. They charge decent prices and are honest and really work with you. I was visibly stressed out and nervous to trust anyone. Now there is no reason to stress out this shop would make sure your are taken care of. Recommendations, I will return for future services.

  • Joanne O.

    Great customer service, changed my valve cover gasket on my E36 when another mechanic refused to do my car because its "too modified." This is defiantly going to be my mechanic now :)

  • Steven P.

    I have been taking my various BMW and Mercedes vehicles here for years and Dominic and the guys are the best. Very honest and fair. I can call for advice when purchasing a car and he gives me an honest review of what to look for and when I would need service. Much more affordable than the dealerships!

  • Carlos M.

    I was having issues with the charger for my GPS in my car and the fuses kept blowing every so often, the last time it happened I did not feel like driving to my usual garage and stopped in to ask if they could help me get this fixed. I was nervous about showing up without an appointment asking for help on the spot but the gentleman that was in the office, stepped away from his computer immediately, asked me to bring the car in, got on the ground and changed the fuse on the spot. I thought this was really nice of him, and even tho I don't have a BMW to bring to these guys anymore, I would say these guys are at the very least very nice people and there aren't enough of those now a days so I wanted to say: Thank you!

  • April H.

    I paid about half the price of the dealer's estimate for brakes on my 2005 BMW. I had the repair done several months ago, and no problems since. Thanks Broadway German Service!!

  • Gary M.

    I found Broadway German Service on Yelp, and took a chance with my 1987 Mercedes 560SL. I've owned this car for 20 years and it failed to pass the California Smog Test. The mechanics were great. The repairs were reasonable, given the car and it's age. I got the car back fully smogged, and I don't think it has run as well since I bought the car. I have definitely found a home when I need something done on my gracefully aging beauty.

  • Maksim K.

    I had my Mercedes serviced here. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They did a great job servicing my car at an amazing price. I highly recommend this place. There is absolutely no need for me to go to the dreadful Mercedes-Benz dealership for routine maintenance, now that I found Broadway German Service Center in my neighborhood.

  • kellie b.

    Had to take the Mini in for a minor repair yesterday. Without going into detail, I want to say that these guys were very kind to me. Can't recommend this place enough. Very nice people.

  • Michelle B.

    I cannot say what a great experience I had with them! The staff was so helpful and went out of their way for me. The services I needed required me to leave my car over night and they drove me over so that I could rent a car. The price was great and the work was perfect! I would definitely go back!

  • Chris M.

    I can't begin to say enough great things about this place. My battery died on my 2006 325i today and I was less than a mile away from the local dealership (who shall remain nameless). They first told me that there was nothing they could do and suggest I call roadside assistance (gee, I never thought of that). When I asked how much it would be for a new battery they said it would be $500 plus tax. After I stopped laughing, I said "Thank you" and hung up. I called Broadway German Service Center and asked if they could help me. He quoted me half the price of the dealership and said that he could see me today. He even explained how to jump start my car since the battery was in the trunk and there was a jump terminal under the hood (I did not know that). I was in and out in 30 minutes and totally happy with the service. I just paid the final payment on my car, so that means it will start falling apart now, right? Broadway German Service Center, you now have a new customer for as long as I own a German car!

  • Kirt S.

    These guys are Top Shelf! My 2001 E430 MBZ was reeling from someone else's incompetence. BGSC correctly diagnosed and repaired my car with outstanding customer service and value. My 2nd visit was even better. I feel very lucky to have found such an outstanding MBZ repair shop on my 1st phone call for help since my move to LBC. Thanks BGSC.

  • Noble D.

    I was accused by one of the companies I reviewed as only being negative and having bad stuff to say with no positive reviews. Today I saw poor review given to this mechanic, who I know and trust and I have decided to make a post. I have been bringing my BMWs to this shop since 1996, I have always received top notch work and friendly service. The owner has even given me his car as a loaner (no charge), repaired items for free, found the least expensive OEM parts, and has had my cars always running as if they had come from the dealership. Even when I moved 30 miles away I still bring my car to Dominik and his crew because I trust they are going to tell it to me straight and give me the best solutions for my car. I could not be happier with a mechanic and I wish them continued success.

  • Ernie L.

    Better alternative than going to the dealership. BGS just tells you what your car really needs. They don't try to sell you extras at an inflated cost. It's hard to find a good mechanic these days.

  • Elaine C.

    6/15/2012. I brought my '07 MINI after reading all the good reviews and getting a quote from the dealer that was just ridiculous... Dominik was very nice and checked my car promptly to really know what was the problem. He called me about 2hrs later with the quote and explained exactly what was wrong and what he was going to do. The price was about $225 less that what the dealer wanted... I was very happy with this :) specially in this economy. Another thing that I was very pleased with is that my car was ready the same day!!! The job required about 5hrs worth of work, so I was happy that he was able to do this the same day. All around good service! I will come back to this place for future service that my car may need, and am happy that I have found someone to work on my car that I feel I can trust and has the experience to do it. Also I love supporting local business. A+

  • Diana B.

    These guys knew how to fix the AC on my 2004 Mini Cooper. No excuses, no waiting for parts, no overcharging. Very reasonable for such a big job. If you have a Cooper these guys are great!

  • Vannessa S.

    I have a 1994 BMW - I have been going here for over 13 years No overcharge - fair - THE BEST SERVICE!!!!

  • Michael V.

    Great service. They took my 560 SL at 8am, drove me to work and called me by noon with all the details. The car runs great. No nonsense. Reasonable prices. Great guys.

  • Linda J.

    I was referred to Dominic by one of my neighbors who raved about his service. My first impression was that I must be walking into a converted firehouse--brick on the outside; a shiny and amazingly clean work area inside. It didn't look like any service center I had been to before.

    It's a small operation--just Dominic and a couple of other guys--but when I walked in, they made me feel like I was their only customer at that moment.

    They listened to what I had to say, performed the required service, and even diagnosed an intermittant "check engine" light problem that another mechanic I had been referred to said was solved--at least until a week later when it started up again.

    Any BMW owner knows service on these cars are not cheap. (Stay away from LB BMW--major price gauging!) I felt the fees here were very reasonable for BMW service.

    I'm very happy I found Dominic and his team. This is a group of guys who know what they're doing, treated every customer that I saw walk in with the same personal attention (and no talking down), and were very down to earth.

    I felt they were genuinely interested in not only servicing my car, but in ensuring I was happy with the result. I would highly recommend them!

  • D C.

    I've been using BGS to service my 8 year old BMW for years and my experience has always been positive.

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